CarBuyer Used Car of the Year

What do you think of when you consider used cars and what makes a good one? Obviously one huge reason to buy a used car is to save some money, which seems worth it when you consider how much a car depreciates buy after just one year? Many people are willing to sacrifice the novelty of having a new car when they can have a car which is pretty much the same that has had a huge chunk of the price knocked off.

For example buy a new BMW 5 Series and for the standard entry level model you are looking at at least £30,265. Meanwhile if you get a model that is just one year old, from 2014, you could get a second hand BMW 5 Series 520d M Sport 5dr Step Auto which will save you around £3,500, for the sake of say 7,000 miles. Wen paying 10s of thousands for a car in the first place you may think £3,500 is insignificant. So what makes a good used car option? Well CarBuyer have today announced that the second generation Kia Cee’d takes that prize when it comes to the best used car, and with good reason. First and foremost the Cee’d has a seven year warranty which gives it an immediate advantage, as it eliminates some of the risk that is often associated with buying a new car, as you will be covered. It also doesn’t hurt that Kia has such a good reputation when it comes to reliability, Kia has won awards for CarSite in the past.

So there you have it, if you are after a good used car, you might want to consider a second hand Kia Ceed, this is what Carbuyer seem to think and honestly, if you are after a good hatchback, then we tend to agree.